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To celebrate World Book Day on 3rd March, Oliver and James Phelps, the actors who play Harry Potter’s beloved Weasley twins Fred and George, share some exclusive insight into
the world’s favourite wizards, witches and muggles with videos shared through celebrity engagement platform, Cameo. 

From their favourite books of the series, to which character they wish they could play if they had the chance, all has been answered about the biggest book franchise ever,
in these engaging clips, which is sure to delight Harry Potter’s most devoted fans ahead of World Book Day. 

When asked where his character George would be now, Oliver reveals that if the story was to continue, he only sees the Weasley family retail empire “continue to grow”, maybe
even branching out worldwide to countries like the States or South America.

He continues, “they’d be able to branch out as it will obviously be more people than just the wizarding community in the UK that would want such things!”

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James, who plays Fred, discloses that if he was to play a different character in the wizarding world, it’d be Peeves, a character that didn’t make the cut in the film.

He continues, “That’s the one character I wish could have been in the movies because he was so awesome in the books. I know that Rik Mayall was originally down to play him
and I was a huge fan of his and all of his comedy so that would have been awesome to have been able to do that.”

James continues to mention that *spoiler alert* although his character faces a heartbreaking end in the book and movie, he believes that with a slight bit of rewriting magic,
Fred and Peeves together would have been able to defeat the infamous He Who Shall Not Be Named. 

Both brothers also have different takes on their favourite books from the series, with James revealing that his favourite is
Prisoner of Azkaban because he “was reading
the third book whilst auditioning for the films”. Oliver however prefers the Goblet of Fire, exclaiming that he flew through it “because it was such an immersive read”.