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Hands In and Yuno Unite to Revolutionise Split Payments in Latin America

Empowering Seamless and Secure Payment Experiences for the Travel, Leisure and Hospitality Industry,Hands In,a pioneering leader in multi-card and group payments, has proudly announced a strategic partnership with Yuno, a global payment orchestration service provider. This alliance aims to drive innovation and efficiency in the Latin American travel and hospitality sectors, addressing the challenges of card decline rates by opting for split payment options amongst multiple cards and individuals.

Transforming the Split Payments Landscape

The partnership is especially significant for merchants in the travel, leisure, and hospitality sectors. These sectors often face high rates of payment failures, mainly because consumers tend to use a single card to cover the total cost of travel and activities, whether purchasing as a group or solo travel. This situation not only generates frustration among consumers but also imposes additional financial strain on those conducting the transactions.

In this context, Yuno, with its experience working with airlines and travel merchants, provides access to a variety of payment methods. Its integration with Hands In promises to simplify the payment processes, improving operations and addressing challenges such as fraud and chargebacks. The goal is to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience for both merchants and customers.

Innovating Split Payments to a New Standard

The partnership marks a milestone for Hands In, reaffirming its commitment to innovation and transforming the payment orchestration experience. Yuno, a leading platform for global payment orchestration, brings its extensive experience working with airlines and travel merchants to the table. By leveraging Yuno’s expertise in the Latin American market, Hands In promises to to set new standards in split payments, expands its presence, and offer seamless and advanced payment solutions that cater to the unique needs of the region.

CEO Perspectives

Samuel Flynn, CEO of Hands In, expressed his enthusiasm: “Joining forces with Yuno to bring Hands In’s Split payment solutions for groups and multiple cards to Latin America is exciting. With Yuno’s solutions and our advanced technology, we will offer airlines and travel merchants a convenient and secure way for people to pay together online with lower credit limits.”

Juan Pablo Ortega, CEO and co-founder of Yuno, also highlighted: “The partnership with Hands In is key to meeting the growing demand for Split payment solutions in Latin America, especially in the travel industry. Together, we will provide merchants with access to a variety of payment methods and effective fraud prevention tools, setting a new standard in the effectiveness and security of Split payments.”

Modernising Digital Payment Landscape in Latin America

The alliance between Hands In and Yuno is shaping up to be a game-changer in the split payments sector. With Hands In’s ability to enhance conversion rates and reduce card decline rates on high basket bookings and Yuno’s expertise in payment orchestration, this collaboration promises to revolutionize the way groups make online payments in Latin America, thus meeting the unique and growing needs of the travel and hospitality industry. This is a clear example of how innovation and strategic collaboration can create more efficient and secure solutions, benefiting both merchants and consumers across the region.