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Get Paid £300 To Listen To Taylor Swift’s New Album

Consider yourself a Swiftie and know her songs All Too Well? Well, this could be the dream job for you. Luxury lingerie brand, Pour Moi, is hiring someone to spend the day in bed listening to Taylor Swift’s soon-to-drop album.

Due to arrive on 19th April 2024, the highly-anticipated ‘Tortured Poets Department’ promises 16 songs for die-hard fans to enjoy. But will this album live up to the hype and her usual iconic feminist standards? Enter: Pour Moi’s dream job. They are hiring someone to spend the day wearing their beautiful garments, whether that’s cosied up in bed, making their morning cup of coffee or getting ready to go out for dinner, whilst listening to and reviewing the pop princess’ latest release. The lingerie experts need someone to 1) discover the emotional impact of Taylor Swift’s new album 2) explain how the lingerie made them feel (e.g. more confident, empowered, sexy) and 3) reveal how a combination of the two affected their mood and energy.

The Job Description

For those who confidently know all the words to Taylor’s back catalogue, this could be the perfect opportunity to get paid £300 to listen to ‘The Tortured Poet’s Department.’ Here is what the job entails:

£300 salary (for one day’s work!)
Luxury lingerie and nightwear worth over £75. Including:
Rebel Underwired Side Support Bra
Rebel High Leg Brief
New Romance High Apex Chemise
Spend the day in Pour Moi garments, making breakfast in bed or lounging on the sofa in your chemise, whilst listening to ‘The Tortured Poet’s Department’
Review the music and how it made you feel whilst wearing your new garments
Share your musical experience on social media (so fellow Swifties can be equal parts jealous of you and excited for you)
Enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime dream job!
The Job Requirements

Thankfully, no formal qualifications are required for this very exciting job opportunity. The most important quality is an obvious dedication to Miss Americana, but you can see the full requirements below:

No Bad Blood here!

Applying To Your Dream Job

…Ready For It? To be in with a chance of getting paid £300 to spend the day lounging around, listening to Taylor’s newest album, all applicants need to do is share their interest in the role and why they believe they’re the one for the job, here:

Emma Woodrow, Junior Buyer for Lingerie from Pour Moi, comments: “What better time to refresh our underwear drawer with new garments than the start of Spring? We know that lingerie isn’t just a way of supporting our bodies beneath our clothes, it’s also a big part of our everyday mood. From being in our underwear whilst doing our hair and makeup to curling up and listening to our favourite playlist in a cosy chemise – there are so many ways that lingerie can elevate how we feel when we go about our daily habits That’s why we want to hire one lucky person to spend the day in our lingerie, listening to the ultimate female icon that is Taylor Swift and then report back on how much of a mood booster the experience may or may not be. We are so excited to be able to offer this dream job!”