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Get Bolton Out Of Greater Manchester And Back Into Lancashire

A successful democracy serves the people. Can we say we have such a system in the UK currently? It would be a difficult case to argue, but that does not mean we should not strive to have such a system.
Nick Buckley will be standing as an Independent candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester on the 2nd May 2024 to start the process of giving back power to the people, where it always should reside.
Bolton is one of ten local councils within the Greater Manchester region and the people say they want their power returned to them so they can decide upon their future. Power to leave the confines of Greater Manchester and return to their ancestral homeland of Lancashire.
Greater Manchester was created in 1974 and imposed upon the noble people of Bolton for the State thought they knew best and what was needed in a northern town.
To support the people of Bolton to answer a question that was never asked 50 years ago, in partnership with Bolton For Change and British Counties Campaign, Nick Buckley will promise to give the people of Bolton a referendum to decide their future if elected Mayor in 2024.
To mark this promise, red roses will be given out on the steps of Bolton Town Hall on Saturday 3rd June 2023 to highlight this quest to undo an undemocratic decision make half a century ago in Westminster by politicians who would struggle to find the town on a map
Nick Buckley, Mayoral Candidate:
‘Politicians seem to be under the impression that they are our masters, not our servants. We end this misunderstanding by giving power back to local people to live the lives they wish, not the lives others wish them to lead. With freedom comes the risk of making the wrong choice, but also the opportunity to make better choices that improve your life and your community.’
Pam Moorhouse, British Counties Campaign & Founder of Pam’s County Petition:
‘We want traditional counties back. Why should we lose them to please a selfish government from 1974, most of who are no longer here, including the then leader, prime minister Edward Heath? We were FORCED to give them up by the new councils, including Greater Manchester, only ‘shouting’ the new names. Despite 100% local objection, all objections were completely ignored, so today almost no one knows of them anymore, so losing history, identity, and culture forever.

Trevor Jones, Leader at Bolton For Change:
‘The people of Bolton reject Greater Manchester and wish to return to Lancashire as our ancestral homeland. Don’t believe me? Then let’s have a referendum and find out. I do not fear the will of the people, I embrace it.’