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Funny Bingo Calls & Nicknames

One of the reasons why bingo has such an affectionate following is because of all of the quirky names that are associated with each number, which is a fun way of calling out each one and as such what players can identify with.

A lot of bingo calls do actually make sense when you think about it logically, while some are based on the visual representations of the numbers themselves.

Over the years, bingo calls have changed and a spokesperson from online bingo authority explained why: “Many of the bingo calls have been tweaked over the decades to match some elements of the latest culture, while some have needed to evolve in line with political correctness.”

Below though, you will find some of the funniest that we have shortlisted – see if you recognise any of these!

Tickle Me

This probably tickles many, but can you guess what number it refers to? Perhaps not the most well known, it is actually 63 though it still has a certain amount of comedic value attached to it!

Grandma’s Getting Frisky

You can just imagine the reaction of this call on first-timers! Again though, not the most well-known bingo calls this is referencing the number 60 though we just could not leave it out of our selection!

Legs Eleven

This perhaps gets laughs for the image that it conjures up, though when you think about it logically, it is easy to understand that this is depicting the number 11 which looks like two long legs. This has actually become a popular saying in British culture.

Two Fat Ladies

Even the most novice of players can guess what this number is if they give it some thought. This call represents the number 88 and is one of the most recognised sayings in the bingo industry.

Two Little Ducks

In a similar vein to the last one, this is also a more easily identifiable bingo call and depicts the number 22 which if you look closely could very well represent two ducks, when you think about how long their necks are. It has been a popular call throughout bingo history in the UK.

Fat Lady With A Walking Stick

Based on one of our earlier choices, what do you think? While it could be 87 it is actually referring to the number 81 with the ‘1’ depicting a walking stick.

Duck And A Crutch

The hilarity of this in real life does enough to make this arguably one of the genuinely funniest bingo calls that there is. Undoubtedly you can guess one number, though when you think about it, the other one makes sense as well. This is the number 27 and just to hear the call alone it is worth trying out a game.