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From Body Locks to Door Locks, Ex-British MMA Champion Now Picks Safes Instead of Fights

Salford’s Will Burke, ex-professional fighter and ex-British Lightweight Total Combat Champion is used to a challenge but has now turned his technical expertise from manipulating arms and legs to manipulating broken locks.

Will has had an interest in locks for many years after a friend and student in his MMA gym introduced him to hobby lock picking. Will was instantly hooked, and after a few years of getting to grips with picking basic locks, he decided to search for professional training in 2019, wanting to expand his knowledge base in lock picking and to learn other aspects of locksmithing.

Will began working as a locksmith whilst still in training in 2019, and during these first years he worked hard to learn the trade and become proficient in all aspects of the work. Within just 3 years, Will was many times over the most 5-star reviewed locksmith on Trustatrader in Greater Manchester and beyond, with hundreds of reviews of his work. With a 100% success rate to date, it is obvious he is a master at his trade.

Will says, ‘I love what I do, and I work hard to be the best at it. Bringing the same competitive attitude and work ethic into locksmithing has definitely helped me in that regard.’

No one needs to be left outside in the cold or worried about their safety now that will has joined local locksmith,: Northwest Lock and Key.

He has some rare skills in his toolkit too, having honed his skill in the art of cracking safes, a skill very few locksmiths excel at. Lock picking is in addition to the more general locksmith skills you might expect, such as lock replacement and fixing windows and doors; you can rely on Will to keep you safe.

From lock repair and replacements to boarding and glass replacement, Will and Northwest Lock and Key are ready 24 hours a day. Find out more about their services