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Flare Bright Wins 2 UKRI Future Flight Phase 3 Projects

Flare Bright wins a third round of successful funding for 2 projects from the Future Challenge at UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to develop next-generation drone flight designed to position the UK as a world leader in aviation.

The Phase 3 projects from the Future Flight Challenge share £73 million in funding to develop and demonstrate integrated aviation systems and new vehicle technologies.

Taking place in locations across the UK, including the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, the projects highlight the strength of UK aviation innovation.

Chris Daniels, Chief Commercial Officer of Flare Bright stated, “The UKRI Future Flight group of organisations is a who’s who of the UK’s innovative aviation industry. Flare Bright is delighted to be part of this group and is punching above its weight with gaining these 2 awards.”

Gary Cutts, Future Flight Challenge Director said: “Phase 3 of the Future Flight challenge is all about moving innovative technologies forwards, making them ready for real world use cases in 2024. The UK has an excellent safety record when it comes to aviation and we’re determined to make sure these new autonomous technologies work as safely as possible. What Flare Bright is doing in project SATE and project SafeZone will help ensure we can bring these new technologies into service in the safest possible way.”