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Five fun ways to keep the kids entertained at home and on a budget over the school holidays

Schools are officially out for summer – an exciting time for the kids, but sometimes a stressful one for parents! Keeping children busy and entertained for six weeks can be a challenge no matter how old or young they are – especially with the cost-of-living impacting families.

To give you some inspiration to keep them entertained at home over the school holidays, CEWE have shared five fun ideas that won’t break the bank. These can all be done on a rainy day too, so you don’t have to rely on the unpredictable British weather!

Create a photobook full of treasured memories

Take the time over the school holidays to look back at your favourite photos with the kids that hold the key to your treasured memories. Whether it’s a family holiday, wedding or their personal milestones – creating a photobook is the perfect activity to do together that is sure to put a smile on their face. Why not go the extra mile and create one for someone else as a gift? It’s a perfect present for an upcoming birthday or anniversary that will make them smile with every page!

Learn a new skill

Whether it’s baking something sweet, getting creative and drawing or enhancing photography skills there are so many new skills you can learn at home that are bound to keep the kids busy over the school holidays. Learning something new gives us a real sense of accomplishment and is something that the kids will be able to feel proud of when they go back to school and can tell their friends. Involve all the family and learn something new together – it’s always more fun to do something with others!

Get out in the garden

If we’re lucky enough that the sun decides to stay over the school holidays, make sure you use the opportunity to get out in the garden with the kids. Being around plants and nature is a proven way to better our wellbeing – so why not let them try their hand at gardening? Or if you fancy something more relaxed, a garden picnic complete with some simple games such as football or hide and seek is sure to keep them entertained for hours. Just keep your fingers crossed for the sunshine!

Create a unique gallery wall

If your home is due a bit of a makeover – there’s no better place to start than by creating a unique gallery wall. Whether it’s family photos of treasured memories, bold block prints or patterned and typography style art – embracing your inner interior designer is a great way to involve the kids and keep them busy. It will allow you to get your creative juices flowing as well as creating something beautiful in your home together as a family, that will make you smile each time you see it.

Get crafty and creative

Grab the coloured paper, paint and pens and allow the kids to let their creative juices flow by creating a collage of their choice. This could include lessons they’ve learnt, pictures or photos of their favourite memories and their dreams, ambitions and goals for the new school year. It will make a lovely piece of art for them to keep and will help them start to feel prepared for September.