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Feelscape by Matt Jukes

Matt Jukes’ work takes the viewer on a journey, one that acts as a conduit to the exploration of their own relationship to emotion and memory.

Capturing misremembered landscapes from obscured memories, viewers are invited to share the emotions embedded in each piece – embracing their own reflections and creating personal memories that contribute to the wider context of Matt’s body of work.

Feelscape – 8th -18th July: An interactive exhibition celebrating past, present and future memories.

For many, the monotony of lockdown has given too few points of reference from which to create substantial memories. Matt Jukes’ Feelscape wants to change that by helping channel positive emotions and thinking, giving back the power to create lasting memories.

Guests will be invited into a private and enclosed installation, an AI will then scan facial expressions for visible emotions. The AI will convert emotions into specially-curated colours and forms with unique visions of future landscapes.

At the end of the experience, guests will then have the opportunity to buy their landscape as an A3 or A2 Giclee Print postcard.

Buy free tickets to Feelscape or visit Matt Jukes’ artwork online.