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Experts reveal 4 top tips for securing your garden space!

Experts at Hiatt Hardware have shared 4 valuable tips to help you keep your give your garden some added privacy and help deter thieves from your valuables.

1). Put up fencing or metal gates
Thieves are less likely to want to break into a garden if they can’t see what’s inside it. By adding a fence or high gates, you’re not only adding a sense of privacy to your garden but also making it a bit more difficult for an intruder to get in.

You could also consider Installing a trellis and high plant tall trees. Not only will this add a touch of greenery, but it also creates a natural barrier for added privacy.

2). Don’t leave valuables outside
If a thief has managed to get over your gate and fence, the first thing they will be on the lookout for is high-value, easy-to-grab items such as garden furniture, bicycles and playing equipment, especially if it’s not locked away.

Even if you think you have ample security protecting your garden, you should still take the time to lock all of your goodies away in a shed or somewhere indoors, dissuading thieves from wanting to break in.

3). Invest in additional security measures
Fitting in CCTV cameras, smart lighting and sensors can greatly enhance your existing security measures. Thanks to advances in smart garden lighting technology, it’s possible to set up an effective lighting system for minimal cost, providing a literal spotlight for anyone who dares to break in.

Additionally, installing CCTV can give you a live feed of your garden, broadcast straight to your smartphone. You can also get notified the moment someone unexpectedly walks through your garden gates, with the camera being triggered and potentially identifying the perpetrator.

4). Have the best locks for your gates
Once your garden is at its most secure, it’s important to make sure your gates have the most appropriate locks on, too.
While there are some very secure non-key-operated gate locks on the market, the most secure available tend to be rim locks that can be unlocked from both sides. Suitable for wooden and metal gates, they provide keyed access to your garden and offer a good level of security so a burglar will think twice about attempting to break through.
Hasp and staple locks are also a great choice and are typically installed near the top of the gate. This is a non-key option that’s effective at what it does, but it comes with a limitation – you can only lock and unlock from the inside. Also, a separate padlock is needed.
No matter the type of your garden gate, there are several options you can consider to dissuade burglars, most of which are inexpensive and easy to implement. Be sure to consider what’s best for you and your property and keep your garden safe this spring!