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Experts explain which sleeping positions are the best for your skincare… and which aren’t

With general well-being and health being a top priority for people in recent years, sleep expert Narwan Amini from reveals the health and skin benefits to your sleeping position.

Which sleeping position is the healthiest option?

For an average person, sleeping on your side is generally considered the healthiest sleeping position. It provides adequate alignment and support for your spine, while also minimizing acid reflux.

The ideal way to sleep on your side is with a medium to soft mattress that provides plenty of pressure relief and cushion for your hips and shoulders.

Is there a sleeping position that can help with neurological health?

Yes, sleeping on your side has been found to be the most beneficial position for your brain, with the position helping your brain to clear out interstitial waste faster than other positions. This leads to multiple benefits including potentially reducing the risk of developing neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Which sleeping position reduces back pain the most?

Again, side sleeping is the best option for those suffering with back pain, more specifically, the fetal position. For those that suffer with lower back pain, it is best to avoid sleeping on your back as it can lead to more stress on your lumbar spine and lower back muscles. A simple solution is to place a pillow under the knees as this will better align your spine, resulting in less pressure on the spine and lower back muscles.

Which sleeping position offers the best night’s sleep and health benefits to pregnant women?

Pregnant women can often experience discomfort during the night, and it is better to lay on the left side. This is to prevent discomfort and pressure against the liver. Sleeping on the left side and in a fetal position are often the most useful positions for pregnant women. All other individuals would be better served sleeping on their right side though.

Is there a sleeping position which provides the least health benefits?

Stomach sleeping is the worst sleeping position. The position can lead to multiple issues such as strained muscles and joints, stiffness, back and neck pain. Whilst it can often be difficult to transition away from a sleeping position, you can prevent pain and protect your back by placing a pillow under your hips.