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Expert tips on how to have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas Day is just around the corner and we are set to produce an eye-watering amount of waste and have a negative impact on our environment.

So, how can we be more eco-friendly, without breaking with tradition?

The experts at Garden of Life comment:

“Due to climate change it’s now important, more than ever, that we all start to make some eco-friendly choices in our lives.

“Christmas should be no different. There are plenty of ways to be more environmentally friendly over the festive period – without breaking festive traditions. If we all make small changes, it can make a big difference. Here’s a few examples of things we can all do to minimise our environmental impact this year.

“Go organic. Buy organic/local food and tipple for the big day. There’s plenty of organic wines to choose from that will complement your dinner nicely.

“Reduce food waste. We often over prepare by buying too much food which often goes to waste. Be savvy with your ‘big shop’ and only buy what you need. Store your leftovers and use your composter for any scraps.

“Second-hand gifting. Try your local charity shop for any last minute stocking fillers. They are full of hidden gems waiting to be loved again.

“Wrap gifts with recycled paper. Avoid wrapping presents with paper that has non-recyclable elements such as plastic, foil and glitter. Fabrics and natural materials (such as a spring of holly for decoration) are great alternatives.

“Buy eco-friendly crackers. Replace your single-use crackers (often full of non-biodegradable materials) with reusable ones that you can personalise to each individual around your table.

Where in the UK is it easiest to go green?

Garden of Life has ranked 30 of the UK’s biggest towns and cities on a variety of green factors to determine the UK’s most eco-friendly places.