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EVERTON fanatic Andy Burnham has spoken of his fear that the club will be relegated

EVERTON fanatic Andy Burnham has spoken of his fear that the club will be relegated.

The Mayor of Manchester was present at Everton’s “devastating” 3 v 2 defeat against Burnley last night.

He told GB News host Eamonn Holmes that he shares fans’ fears of relegation at the end of the season.

Eamonn joked: “You say, you know, you paint a rosy picture, feeling happier but we all know there’s a big shadow hanging over you, and that is the fear of relegation.”

“I can’t believe I’m managing to feel so upbeat this morning. It was devastating, to be honest, absolutely devastating,” said Mr Burnham.

“But look at it this way, you could have a good season next year, you could win the championship…it’s inconceivable, Everton have never gone down to the lower tier,” said Eamonn.

Mr Burnham, speaking on Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel on GB News, replied: “I am 52 years old, I’ve followed Everton home and away all my life, and I was at Burnley last night and I just looked at some of the younger kids around.

“I just felt for them so much – the idea of Everton not being in the top tier just fills me with absolute dread but these players need to step up.

“One player last night, Richarlison, was doing what needed to be done in terms of leading from the front but it’s not good enough.

“These fans deserve a lot better…”

Everton will soon face Manchester United, Leicester, Liverpool and Chelsea, and the tough upcoming fixtures have left fans fearing the club will be relegated.

They are currently third from bottom in the Premiership and football fan site FiveThirtyEight calculates that there is a 48% probability of relegation.