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Eriksen For 2022 BBC Sports Personality of the Year

With Christian Eriksen’s latest transfer to Manchester United this epitomises what an influential footballer he is. He is capable of creating pieces of magic than can change a game.
The steps he has made since his darkest hour is incredible. The moment he suffered a heart attack on the pitch against Finland in Euro 2021. Many of us would have given him no hope of kicking a ball again, let alone gracing a pitch. The is one of the most fantastic sporting achievements I have ever seen.
Eriksen gets my vote for the 2022 BBC Sports Personality of the Year. I know what you are just about to spell out to me – “but he is not English.” Well, he has applied the majority of his trade in the UK. Since 2013 in fact so he is a massive connoisseur of the English game, so this must make him more than eligible.
In the 1960s, to add extra, Barry Briggs who was renowned for speedway came second twice and he was a proud New Zealander. Furthermore, Barry McGuigan won the event in 1985 and he derives from Ireland.
Eriksen already has a large fan base, a huge following in this country. I distinctly remember watching the Brentford v Tottenham thriller last season in which he played a pivotal role. The spectacle finished 0-0 but the result took second fiddle. It was all about the Dane who was given a standing ovation by literally everyone who was present that day.
All I can say now is only time will tell and let his feet do the talking.

by Nick Park