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Eight tips to get good sleep at a festival

With the festival season in full swing, people from the UK and Ireland are being offered top tips on how to get a few hours kip at a noisy camping area.

Sleep experts at MattressNextDay have come up with a list of suggestions that are lifesavers for those who struggle to sleep through noise and disruptions at festivals.

Camping is a big part of summer festivals, but it can be the worst nightmare for light sleepers, as there likely won’t be a quiet moment at the campsite.

If you don’t want tiredness and sleep deprivation to ruin your experience then making a few preparations and adjustments will make a huge difference.

Among the suggestions are scoping out a good location for your tent and using earplugs and an eye mask.

A spokesperson for MattressNextDay said: “Sleeping at a camping area can be an overwhelming experience, especially for the first time festival goers.”

“The environment at a campsite does not create favourable conditions for a good night’s sleep, so you may have to take matters into your own hands to ensure you wake up well rested.”

“With only a few simple steps you can make sure that you get a decent sleep that will recharge your batteries, so that you’re ready to have a good time the next day.”

Here are MattressNextDay’s essential tips for getting a few hours shut eye at festivals:

Explore different campsite options

Depending on which festival you’re attending, they may offer different campsite options. For example, there might be a quiet or family alternative for those who prioritise sleeping over partying.

Use earplugs

This might be the simplest solution to your sleeping problems, as earplugs help you shut out the surrounding hubbub of laughter and shouting at the campsite.

Wear an eye mask

Another thing that can disturb your sleep is the early morning sunlight. Prevent being woken up prematurely by wearing an eye mask that will block out the light.

Listen to a relaxing podcast or playlist

Sometimes the best way to shut out the noise is to get your mind off it by listening to a sleep-inducing podcast or playlist. Ease into deep slumber with sounds or stories that calm down your racing brain.

Get good sleep equipment

A good quality sleeping mat is something that’s worth investing in because camping fields are not perfectly flat, and unless you have a good mattress you’ll be feeling every lump and bump on the ground. A comfortable sleeping bag is also very important because nights can get cold even during the summer.

Choose a good location to pitch your tent

Get to the camping area early to scope out a prime tent spot. Pitching your tent in a good location makes a huge difference to your sleep quality. Keep in mind to avoid walkways or toilets. If possible, find a flat spot that’s in the shade.

Pack well

As mentioned previously, summer nights can get quite chilly so make sure you pack some warm clothes. Although a good sleeping mat will help against the cold ground, you should also take extra jumpers and socks to make sure you won’t struggle to fall asleep because you’re cold.

Have a nap during the day

If you didn’t get enough sleep during the night then you can get your beauty kip during the day when everyone will be at the festival ground and the camping area will be emptier. Find a time in the schedule when none of your favourite artists are on and have a quick power nap.