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Dutch startup Fectar racks up 2 million app downloads during the coronavirus crisis

After eight years of studying developments in augmented reality, entrepreneurs Rens Lensvelt and Eugène Kuipers joined together to launch Fectar, a worldwide platform for augmented and virtual reality. Since its launch in 2020, the startup has recorded extreme growth. Just eight months after the first content appeared on the app, Fectar has racked up almost 2 million app downloads worldwide, making its growth path comparable to that of Instagram in 2010. 

With a team of 11 people, the company is conquering the augmented reality market worldwide; this is a technique in which a virtual layer can be placed over reality. Tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple are investing heavily in this technique. Currently, more than 1.75 billion consumers worldwide have access to augmented reality mainly through their smartphone, and glasses with augmented reality technology will be added in 2021. Both Facebook and Apple announced at the beginning of January that they will be launching their so-called “smart glasses” this year.

Fectar makes it easy for both companies and individuals to create and view augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences. Fectar is the modern equivalent of YouTube for AR and VR, making it possible to share content in augmented and virtual reality with others.

Eugène Kuipers, CEO of Fectar said, “The high number of app installs combined with the worldwide adaption of the app is a confirmation we are on the right track”. The platform is already catching on all over the world; content is currently being created and viewed in some 64 countries. Kuipers added, “We recently received a TikTok video of 2 boys in an Asian country who placed a helicopter in augmented reality on a sandy path somewhere in the inlands. How cool to see that Fectar is relevant across the globe!”. 

Now that the number of app downloads continues to increase rapidly and user data is giving more insight, the best way to turn the platform into the standard in its field is also being sought. After an initial investment round in 2020, the company will continue to look for the right capital in 2021 to further realize the Fectar dream.