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Duolingo Unveils Biggest-Ever Redesign

Today, Duolingo – the world’s No 1 education app – is unveiling its biggest redesign ever.

The update, which will make learning languages even more fun and effective, will start rolling out to Duolingo’s millions of learners worldwide in the coming weeks, ahead of Duolingo’s 10 year anniversary in June.

The complete overhaul includes a new, simplified learning path, plus a number of new features, including;

A streamlined learning experience and new user interface.
More explicit instructions to better guide learners, including helpful guidebooks.
A redesigned homepage, that gives learners a clear path to follow to aid learning.
Integrating features like Stories directly into the learning path, to help develop reading and listening skills simultaneously.

These changes will allow Duolingo to better assess a learner’s abilities and improve how well people are learning on the app.