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Drip Coffee Bags? Coffee Innovation Arrives in the UK with a Smile

NEW coffee brand K+ has today brought the one of the latest in coffee innovation to the UK market. Available exclusively from, K+ Drip Coffee Bags offer the freshness and flavour of just-ground coffee with none of the hassle, expense or mess of grinding your own beans.

Millions of drip bags are sold in Japan, China and Korea every month, with the UK set to follow suit thanks to British consumers’ appetite for Asian beverage trends like bubble tea and dalgona coffee remaining strong.

Delivering proper ground Arabica specialty coffee in an instant – K+ Drip Coffee Bags look set to revolutionise our coffee drinking habits by using a format that is super-portable and convenient.

Historically, coffee bags often produced a cloudy, muddy-tasting beverage as the fine grounds can seep through the bags,leaving unpleasant sludge in the bottom of the cup; however, the K+ Drip Coffee Bags use a clever portable pour-over filter and a coarser grind – how the beans should be ground for filter coffee, for a crystal-clear cup bursting with fresh flavour.