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Djooky Music Awards App Announces ‘HitHunter’ Competition For Global Music Fans

Djooky Music Awards – the world’s first app-driven music contest, designed to showcase emerging artists – has rolled out a brand-new function, HitHunter, that allows music fans to compete for the chance to win cash prizes by identifying potential hits. Djooky is a free mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

The awards showcases and champions musical talent with seasonal contests, encouraging app users to vote with their hearts for their favorite songs. Meanwhile, HitHunter has been designed for users to vote with their heads through allocating ‘Hit Points’ (HPs) to songs which they believe will grow to be popular on the platform and in turn improve their own ranking among users.
HPs are digital tipster points in the Djooky app. Each user is granted 100 free HPs which resets each week, with cash rewards of up to £750 on offer for ‘HitHunters’ who can identify the season’s winning songs at an early stage. The more HPs a user allocates to a given song, the higher they will rank if the track proves a hit among other users in the Djooky Music Awards.

There will be plenty of opportunities for music fans to compete and win, with £75, £50, £35, £20 and £10 cash prizes being awarded to successful users who can identify the next potential big hit on a weekly basis. A grand prize of £750 will be granted to the world’s ultimate HitHunter in the final global round of the competition, with £375, £185, £75 and £35 being presented to users finishing second, third, fourth and fifth.

Djooky’s Global HitHunter Final award is named after the late Don Grierson, a notable A&R executive who first signed Celine Dion to Epic Records and received a Golden Apple Award from The Beatles while at Capitol Records. At the time of his passing in January 2019, Grierson was an executive at Younk, a community label he co-founded with Andrew Dakhovsky, now co-founder & CEO at Djooky.