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London North Eastern Railway (LNER) has today announced the launch of the LNER Wellness Train, a unique experience hosted by experts in crafts, mindfulness and wellbeing in each carriage of the train. The news comes as two thirds of Brits (66 percent) believe it’s important to take time while travelling to switch off from “everyday noise” and to focus on their mental health.

James Middleton, Reality TV star, online fitness and mind coach, will be conducting a fitness and wellbeing Q&A onboard a dedicated coach, giving travellers the opportunity to get on track with their personal goals. Focusing on mindset, self-development and forming good habits, James will be helping Brits overcome barriers to their potential.

Other carriages onboard the 08:06 London King’s Cross to Lincoln service on Saturday 7th May 2022 will be dedicated to:

Hand warmer knitting with Wool Winders
Macrame wall hanging creation with Restoration LDN
Mindfulness and Meditation with The Now Project
Origami – the art of paper folding – with Origami Party London
Games and Puzzles
Adult doodling

With three in ten Britons (29 percent) finding a long journey helps them unwind, and over half (53 percent) naming rail as the most relaxing mode of transport, the LNER Wellness Train is perfect for those running out of steam.

People joining the LNER Wellness Train Experience will be able to select from a bespoke ‘mindful menu’ provided by the expert LNER catering team, along with a hand-picked goody bag.

Spaces are limited and customers are advised to book onto the service early to avoid disappointment. Customers will also be able to board at Peterborough for a select number of the activities.

James Middleton, online fitness and mind coach said: “It’s not easy to mentally switch off from juggling work, friends and family commitments. I’ve always enjoyed travelling as an opportunity to slow down and gather my thoughts, which is why the LNER Wellness Train is a brilliant initiative. I cannot wait to help those onboard make the most of their journey put their wellbeing first.”

Kate McFerran, Director of Communications at LNER, said: “Our research shows there is a well-established link between wellbeing and train travel. Our teams often share some of the creative activities they see our customers getting up to, whether that’s knitting a scarf, writing, enjoying some games onboard or doing some mindful colouring.

“Experience shows us there is a huge amount of enjoyment to be found in making the most of a journey when travelling by train. It’s about so much more than just getting to your destination, but making the most of a relaxing environment to indulge in activities that enhance your sense of wellbeing.

“We hope the Wellness Train provides inspiration for train travellers by demonstrating some of the activities that can be easily and conveniently enjoyed onboard.”

Customers will be able to purchase tickets from, with experiences starting from £50.