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Cocktail recipes from Zymurgorium for a Summer of Celebration

Zymurgorium Group, the prolific Manchester-based distillery and creator of award winning, never before seen gins, liqueurs and rums, has created the perfect list of summer cocktail recipes. Keen at-home bartenders can shake and stir delicious tipples throughout the warmer months using the northern distiller’s exciting range of gins, rums and liquors.

Summer 2022 will mark the return of ‘normal’ for many of us and so these recipes are designed to be served at parties and celebrations.

With a nod to Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years on the throne, master mixologists at Zymurgorium have also created three recipes to serve at street parties across the country to mark the occasion; the Violet Queen, a regal blend of Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur and Rose Lemonade; the Jubilee Lemonade, a showstopping mix of Electric Raspberry Gin Liqueur, Grenadine and Blue Curacao to emulate the colours of the Union Jack and the Majestic Violet, using the Zymurgorium Original Gin and Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur, a recipe for the more adventurous home bartender.

Whether your cocktail preference is classic or outrageous the team behind Zymurgorium have you covered. Using their own expertly crafted gins, gin liquors and rums there is a summer serve for everyone.

The Manchester Swizzle combines Zymurgorium Original Manchester Gin (one of their OG’s) with tastes of the Caribbean; Coconut Water, Falernum and Lime Juice for a refreshing summer spritz while the Lychee-Tini combines Zymurgorium Mandarin Gin, with Lychee Juice, Lime Juice and falernum.

For those with a sweeter tooth the Manchester Chocolate Mai Tai pays homage to the original and is an indulgent choice with Zymurgorium Choc-o-Block Gin shaken with Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice and Orgeat Syrup and for those with more fruitier tastes the Raspberry Smash is a delicious concoction of Zymurgorium Raspberry Gin, fresh Raspberries, Crème de Framboise, Mint Leaves and lemon juices.

Showcasing their range of Gin Liquors recipes include the Fruit Salad Punch, a retro mix of Zymurgorium Fruit Salad Gin Liqueur, Pineapple Juice and Mango Juice while the Pink Pornstar is a glamorous twist on the classic combining their Pornstar Martini Gin Liqueur with Vanilla Vodka, Lime Juice and Grenadine.

Cane Toad Rum is the newest addition to the Zymurgorium family and simply made for balmy summer evenings. For a burst of summer fruit try the Ruby Hard Shake, Cane Road Ruby Eyes, Strawberry Puree and Strawberry Liqueur. Completing the trio is the Spiced Peach Iced Tea: a refreshing mix of Cane Toad Khanage Wars Indian Spiced Rum, Crème de Peche, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup and tea.

The entire range of Zymurgorium gins, gin liquors and Cane Toad Rums are available to buy from the Zymurgorium Group’s sales website

Known for its distinct industry innovations including the world’s first Parma Violet gin liqueur and the world’s first Ruby Chocolate rum, Zymurgorium has over 30 plus spirits and liqueurs in its range, including a host of new alcoholic innovations set to launch this year.

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Violet Queen
50ml Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur
Rose Lemonade
In a serving glass top the Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur with the Rose Lemonade and garnish with Violet flowers.

Majestic Violet:
50ml Zymurgorium Original Gin
20ml Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur
25ml Triple Sec
1/2 egg white
10ml Sugar Syrup
Shake with ice and strain into a serving glass. Garnish with Violet flowers and powdered Parma Violets.

Jubilee Lemonade
50ml Electric Raspberry Gin Liqueur
25ml Lime Juice
75ml Lemonade, stir with ice
10ml Grenadine
10ml Blue Curacao.
Place the Electric Raspberry Gin Liquor in a tall serving glass, stirring in the lime juice and lemonade with ice. Sink the Grenadine and float the Blue Curacao. Garnish with Lemon.

Manchester Swizzle
50ml Zymurgorium Original Manchester Gin
100ml Coconut Water
25ml Falernum
15ml Lime Juice
Build over ice, and garnish with mint and lime.

50ml Zymurgorium Mandarin Gin
50ml Lychee Juice
15ml Lime Juice
20ml falernum
Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice before fine straining. Garnish with edible flowers.

Manchester Chocolate Mai Tai
50ml Zymurgorium Choc-o-Block Gin
50ml Pineapple Juice
20ml Lime Juice
15ml Orgeat Syrup
dash of Chocolate Bitters
Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice before fine straining. Garnish with fresh Pineapple, Pineapple leaf and Cherry.

Raspberry Smash
50ml Zymurgorium Raspberry Gin
6 Raspberries
8 Mint Leaves
20ml Crème de Framboise
15ml Lemon Juice.
Churn with crushed ice. Garnish with Mint and Raspberry

Fruit Salad Punch
50ml Zymurgorium Fruit Salad Gin Liqueur
50ml Pineapple Juice
50ml Mango Juice
15ml Lime Juice
15ml Crème de Framboise.
Build over ice.

Pink Pornstar
50ml Pornstar Martini Gin Liqueur
15ml Vanilla Vodka
12.5ml Lime Juice
10ml Grenadine
Shake with ice and strain into Martini Glass.

Ruby Hard Shake
50ml Ruby Eyes
25ml Strawberry Puree
25ml Strawberry Liqueur
75ml half and half
Shake with ice and fine strain. Pour over ice and garnish with chocolate and strawberry.

Spiced Peach Iced Tea
50ml Cane Toad Rum Khanage Wars
25ml Crème de Peche
10ml Lemon Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
50ml cold strong tea
Serve over ice garnish with fresh peach.