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Cinderella’s Ugly Sisters come to Bolton

Following rave reviews, musical comedy ‘Cinderella’s Ugly Sisters’ comes to the Albert Halls on Saturday, November 9.

But this time Cinderella better watch her step as there will be no Fairy Godmother to protect her!

Bosom buddies, who played the Ugly Sisters at the Albert Halls in 2017 return with a fabulous cast of backing singers plus special guest star Kitty Litter and Charlotte Dacia Mckelvie who plays Cinderella.

The story follows the struggle of the hard-faced Brenda as she attempts to curtail the exuberance of the childlike and accidentally politically incorrect Bernie.

An evening of fun and laughter is guaranteed with stunning vocals which pushes female vocal impersonation to its limit.

Highlights include Whitney Houston’s One moment in time, Bernie’s male rendition of Nesun Dorma, a rousing medley of queen songs and a tribute to The Greatest Showman.

Having performed in the live finals of Britain’s got talent 2013, Bosom buddies have since led the way in the craft of female vocal impersonation and as David Walliams commented “It defies categorisation, It’s fantastic.”

Other rave reviews include; “I didn’t have time to laugh as my jaw was on the floor because of their drop-dead incredible vocals. I’m still in shock” Edinburgh Fringe 2019 review Lews Reviews; “Musical comedy at its best” Mark Ritchie, UK Cabaret Magazine; and TV celebrity Claire Sweeney said “It’s the perfect combination of humour with heart and brilliant vocals.”

The performance is at the Albert Halls, Bolton, on Saturday, 9th November at 7.30 pm.

Tickets are £17 available from or by telephoning 0843 2080 500.