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Christopher Biggins is moving out of London due to war on motorists

ACTOR Christopher Biggins is looking to move out of London, hinting it’s due to the increasing level of taxes being levelled by local authorities on motorists.

He revealed he was moving when asked by Eamonn Holmes if he had considered moving out of the Capital in a discussion about new charges being levied by councils on owners of electric cars.

Asked if he had considered moving out, Biggins said on GB News: “Yes, we are, funnily enough. We’re going to look at a house in Somerset this weekend.”

He responded to Eamonn Holmes, who said: “You get an electric car, but then they say ‘ah, but it’s heavier, therefore you’re going to have to pay a bigger tax because of this’.

“So drivers of heavier cars will have to pay higher parking charges, they’re saying now. I put it to you that is not why we have holes in the road.

“We have holes in the road, because of utility companies, because the repairs are really bad, and because of articulated lorries that have taken all the freight off the railways and deliver all of this around our streets and bust up our roads. But it’s an easy target and this war against motorists.”

Biggins responded: “I wish that everybody who came into the M25 would give up their cars and then see how all the councils will have no money left.

“Because they are supporting all these councils in a huge way. It’s very, very bad.”