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Chrishell Stause crowned Selling Sunset’s ‘most influential’ cast member

New study reveals that Chrishell Stause is the most influential cast member from the latest season of Selling Sunset, earning up to £7,973 per sponsored social media post.

Research conducted by furniture experts Bed Kingdom examined the social media profiles of the agents at the Oppenheim Group, as well as influencer marketing calculators to establish how influential the Netflix stars are on social media and how much they can earn per sponsored Instagram post.

Chrishell Stause took the top spot earning a potential £7,973 per sponsored Instagram post. This is due to Stause having the highest follower count in the ranking with 3.1 million, an engagement rate of 3.09%, also the highest of all the agents, making her Instagram account ideal for sponsorship deals.

Since the show’s beginning, Stause has partnered with brands such as Ipsy and Marshalls, appeared on Dancing with the Stars and had a public relationship with co-star and now ex-boyfriend Jason Oppenheim, which have all contributed to her increase in influence and popularity.

Christine Quinn is revealed as the second most influential cast member. The star, often seen as the show’s ‘villain’, has the second-highest Instagram following of 2.7 million, and an engagement rate of 1.21%, allowing her to earn a potential of £7,067 per sponsored post.

Heather Rae Young can expect to earn an average of up to £6,195 per sponsored Instagram post, making her the third most influential agent on the show. This is due to her Instagram following of more than 2.4 million and high engagement rate of 2.49%.

Mary Fitzgerald has the fourth-highest following out of the Selling Sunset cast, with a total of 1.8 million followers on Instagram. This means that Fitzgerald could charge up to £4,641 per sponsored post, a number that could increase drastically as the fifth season of Selling Sunset is released on Netflix on April 22nd.

Emma Hernan is the fifth most influential star of the show. Joining the cast in season four, Hernan has a high engagement rate of 2.76% and a total of 1.5 million followers on Instagram, allowing her to earn up to £3,997 per sponsored post as a result.

Jason Oppenheim, co-owner of The Oppenheim Group, also ranks as one of the most influential stars of the show, placing eighth overall. Oppenheim can earn up to £2,960 per post on Instagram, based on his following of 1.1 million.

Additionally, season five newcomer Chelsea Lazkani can earn up to £227 per sponsored post. The latest addition to the cast has the highest engagement rate of 10.95% on Instagram due to having the lowest follower count of all the cast, with 36,000 followers, which will likely significantly increase with the new season’s release.

A spokesperson for Bed Kingdom commented on the findings: “Selling Sunset has proven to be a massive hit show for Netflix and the cast are definitely able to reap the benefits. As fans tune in to watch the new season, we can expect these earnings to increase massively along with the cast’s social media following.

While the commission the agents would receive for selling a home in California is bound to be their main source of income due to the high property prices, these findings show that many of the cast can live comfortably on income from social media alone, being able to make a fortune from a single Instagram post.”