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CHASE STAR THE BEAST: “The show’s format was a lucky accident.”

CHASE star Mark Labbett has revealed the “last minute decision” which changed the show’s format forever and made it a huge success.
Speaking to GBNews, The Beast revealed the secrets to the show’s success saying: “The format was a lucky accident – originally they went up the ladder and then turned round, which was dull as dishwater, but they made a last-minute change, literally.
“We’ve got an element of ‘Jeopardy!’, and I know I’m biased but we’ve got the best game show host in the English-speaking world right now.
“And then most importantly it’s got me of course.”
The Beast also praised his fellow Chasers and recalled leading the Welsh quiz team to fifth place in the 2006 European Quizzing Championships.
He said: “We’ve become professionals. We all have got eminence in the world of quizzing, like national championships.
“I captained Wales and represented them a few times, and Anne’s a former world ladies champion. So we’ve got that level and that’s the aim.
“It’s four against one and we’re there to literally provide a test if somebody wins by playing well, I don’t like it.
“I go congratulate them and say well played, you’ve earned the money. What I don’t want to do is feel I’m giving it away.”