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CAMPARI unveils special edition serve of the No.1 cocktail in the world, featuring the Queen’s favourite red French vermouth

CAMPARI, the heart of the world’s favourite cocktail[1] – the Negroni – has crafted a special edition serve in celebration of the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

The Platinum Jubilee Negroni combines the quintessential CAMPARI and gin with the twist of Dubonnet, known to be the Queen’s favourite tipple – in place of the usual sweet vermouth.

Her Majesty is known to enjoy Dubonnet in a cocktail featuring two parts of the red aperitif to one part gin, with a slice of lemon and lots of ice.

The Platinum Jubilee Negroni is an Anglo-Italian marriage of this Royal aperitif with the Negroni’s 1:1:1 serve of CAMPARI, vermouth, and gin.

The simple-but-versatile Negroni has been the basis for countless interpretations by the world’s top bartenders, from the Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco in place of the gin, to the rich and bitter chocolate Negroni.

Bringing together the Queen’s favourite drink and a historic serve, this special edition will ensure that Negroni fans, and Her Majesty, can enjoy the Jubilee with a decidedly Milanese flair.

The one-off commission arrives as Drinks International announced that the Negroni has overtaken longstanding favourite the Old Fashioned to become the ‘World’s Best Selling Classic Cocktail’.

Paolo Tonellotto, bartender and Campari Cocktail Expert said: “The Negroni was created for an Italian count, so it seems fitting to create this version for a British monarch. It brings a touch of Milan to Windsor, combining two of her favourite drinks with CAMPARI. We’re sure this regal take on the world’s favourite cocktail will surprise and delight the British public over Jubilee weekend.

“We’ve seen the Negroni gain in popularity, with the public creating numerous twists and variations of their own, so we’re thrilled to add this very special, very royal Negroni to the mix. It’s equally at home at garden parties and street parties as it is with some elegant aperitivo.”

The Platinum Jubilee Negroni can be enjoyed at home, or at Eve Bar in Central London – who will be serving up 70 complimentary Platinum Jubilee Negroni’s across Platinum Jubilee weekend. Available on a first come, first served basis.

The Platinum Jubilee Negroni Recipe

1 part CAMPARI (25ml)

1 part Gin (25ml)

1 part Dubonnet (25ml)

1 orange slice garnish

1 lemon peel

Pour the CAMPARI, Gin and Dubonnet into the glass with ice, stir, add the garnishes, and enjoy!