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British Sandwich Week: Survey reveals the nation’s work lunch preferences

With British Sandwich Day fast approaching, Moneypenny decided to conduct a survey of 1,000 UK office workers revealing the UK’s lunch preferences.

The research explored the percentage of UK workers who prepare something from home specifically for their lunch such as a sandwich.

The survey revealed that nearly half (42%) of the nation’s go-to work lunch is a packed lunch like a sandwich, with the majority of workers taking food from home being aged over 55 (53%) compared to just 18% of those aged 18 to 24.

Male workers were also more likely than female workers to prepare lunch like a sandwich at home at 43% and 40% respectively.

The top 5 cities most likely to prepare lunch such as a sandwich at home were:

Chelmsford (65%)

Norwich (60%)

Liverpool/Wrexham (58%)

Belfast/Swansea (56%)

Newcastle/Worcester (55%)

The poll also investigated which shop is the most popular choice for UK workers. Tesco was found to be the UK’s favourite place to pick up lunch after a third told Moneypenny they were opting for the British supermarket the most.

Sausage rolls and steak bakes were popular too after the survey results placed Greggs in second place. 30% said their lunch comes from the bakery, and is the most popular with workers over 55, with a third saying so.

The survey also explores where respondents prefer to buy their work lunch, 22% answered M&S, as well as Sainsbury’s (21%), going to a local delicatessen (18%), Costa Coffee (17%), Asda (16%) and finally Pret A Manger (16%).

Starbucks ranked highly with Gen Z after the survey highlighted that 41% said they buy their lunch there, which was more than any other age group.

Moneypenny also queried UK workers about their treat lunches, and if healthy eating is a priority. Just over a third (32%) said they never have a treat for lunch, however, 4% said they start their week with a treat lunch on Monday.

However, results revealed that older generations are the least likely to indulge in a treat lunch, with 44% saying so.

Moneypenny’s survey also found other key factors that reveal how the UK has their lunch:

32% said their appetite increased when working from home

60% said they tend to eat their lunch at their desk

36% eat in their living room and 28% prefer to eat in their kitchen or dining room

Just over a quarter (27%) said they opt for a healthier option three days a week