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British K-Pop star Oli London defies online trolls by charting at #6 on the iTunes K-Pop Chart; after over 5 million TikTok users start Cancel Campaign

British K-Pop singer, Oli London- who is most widely known for spending $150,000 on plastic surgery to look ‘Korean’ has just released his new K-Pop single to hit back at his millions of ‘online haters’.

The singer, who recently became one of the biggest Tiktok stars in the world with over 540 million views, released the single after becoming the target of an extreme online bullying and cancel campaign after declaring in a series of viral videos that he identifies as ‘Korean’. Trolls have even launched a series of Tiktok hashtags with #cancelolilondon and #ignoreolilondon being viewed by over 5 million people.

London has just released the parody music video to accompany the song, taking inspiration from Austin Powers and featuring a mini me version of himself as well as a zombie character, with the star cleverly mocking himself as an overly obsessed K-pop fan- which is something he makes no secret of hiding. The shocking and funny video even features Oli dressed as Gangnam Style singer ‘Psy’ while two women dressed as nuns throw holy water on the controversial star outside a church.

Within hours of release Koreaboo charted worldwide at #6 on the iTunes K-pop chart, breaking the singers previous record and making him the highest charting European Kpop artist to date. The star has previously had 5 top 40 singles with a total of over 8.6 million views on his Youtube VEVO channel.

Oli said of the song ‘I wanted to turn the meaning of the word Koreaboo on its head. Traditionally the word is used as an insult for people who are overly obsessed with Korean culture. Instead I wanted to flip the meaning and turn it into a compliment- to turn the trolls words into a positive to take the power away from them. I also wanted to make the video fun, to show that the trolls will never bring me down and that I will always have the last laugh over them”.

Despite receiving over 1 million hate comments per week on Tiktok, and over 110 million views on the platform per month- Oli has become a vocal anti-bullying campaigner and a British documentary ‘ConTROLLed” he features in has even been nominated for a Royal Television Society Award, patronised by the British Royal Family and Prince Charles.

Oli said of the bullying “Sometimes I feel just like Meghan Markle, because like the Duchess of Sussex, I received millions of racially charged hate messages online with petitions, hate campaigns and social media users sending me death threats, bullying and harassment all because I don’t fit in to society’s norms and standards. I, like Meghan, even married my own prince- a cardboard cutout of my favourite Kpop idol Jimin- and since then have been subjected to numerous smear campaigns and online hate.”