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ONE of the UK’s most loved comedian’s mention of the country’s leading adult entertainment channel has earned him a lifetime VIP membership.

A recently shared piece of footage of Lee Evans talking about Babestation during one of his stage shows is clocking up record numbers of views.

And grateful bosses at Babestation believe it is the reason behind a sudden surge in viewing figures at their channel and so have now rewarded the entertainer with a lifetime VIP, platinum membership.

The stand-up comedian put his own inimitable take on his discovery of Babestation, which was recently shared on social media and is clocking up thousands of views.

“It’s fantastic that this part of Lee’s act from one of his live shows is doing so well on social media and we can see that reflected in a surge of interest in both our tv channel and online,” said a spokesman from Babestation.

“We’re delighted that Lee found us and we know that now he’s sadly retired he’s probably got more time on his hands so hopefully he’ll enjoy our VIP, platinum membership that we want to offer him.

“It’s very rare for us to give these out so giving him this lifetime membership hopefully will show him our appreciation.”

The clip can be viewed at