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Are these the most comfy slipper-shoes ever made?

What happens when you combine the sole of a sneaker with the fluffiness and warmth of a house slipper? Indeed a sneaker-slipper hybrid called Shortwalks. The invention, made by Dutch homewear brand Pockies, is now available as a pre-order. “We chose to pre-order so we don’t overproduce and save the planet and our company won’t go broke,” says Pockies founder Michiel Dicker.

Best of both worlds

‘The most comfortable slip-on shoe in the universe’ is what Pockies calls their latest product. The shoe combines the comfort of in house slippers with the sturdiness and looks of an outdoor sneaker. Lined with heat regulating wool, the Shortwalks can be worn to your local deli in the summer or keep you warm near the fireplace in winter. “We’d like to give people the comfort they expect at home out on the streets,” says Dicker. “The sole is comparable to a skateboard shoe, so expect some nice balance there.”

Sustainable choices

Pockies tries to bring the Shortwalks as sustainably as can be. The wool is ethically sourced and the faux suede topping and sole are made from 100% recycled materials. Besides working with sustainable materials, the brand chose to opt for a pre-order campaign instead of already producing entire volumes. “This way we don’t order too many pieces and we can ship exactly to the people who love them,” Dicker explains. “And the fact the fans finance the project also helps us not go broke on another idea of ours.” When the project is fully funded, production will take around three months. This means the shoes will be in time for the autumn/winter season.

Come early, pay less

To get people hyped for their new product, Pockies rewards customers that come early with a nice discount on the eventual retail price. “The Shortwalks will be €99,99 when they hit the shelves, but for the four week pre-order period we created a way for fans to get a nice discount” Dicker says. The first week the slip-on shoes will be €49,99, the second the price will rise to €69,99 and in the fourth week customers will have to pay €89,99. “There is still a discount to be had, but we hope we can entice people to stop by in the first week!”

Couch Couture

Pockies is known for its Couch Couture, comfy clothes for on and around the couch. “We want to make people’s lives as comfortable as possible,” says Dicker. Their journey started out five years ago with the invention of boxer shorts with pockets (so there wouldn’t be a need for trousers anymore), but since then their range of products has expanded with Pyjama Pants, Djellaba’s, Thick Socks, Cozy Hoodies and more. “Last year we even introduced Pocket-sized mayonnaise so our customers would always have their favorite condiment nearby.”