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Angelina Jolie Does Not Have The Most Attractive Smile In Hollywood

Actresses With The Most Attractive Smile

In first place, as the actress with the most attractive smile is the long-running Grey’s Anatomy actress and Golden Globe nominee Ellen Pompeo who scored 5.90/10 for overall smile attractiveness, receiving  a golden ratio score of 53.93% and a teeth whiteness score of 87.75%

Following on is Gal Gadot (5.90/10), who plays the title character of Wonder Woman. Gadot scores 45.10% for golden ratio approximation and 92.89% for teeth whiteness. In third position is Bridesmaids actress Melissa Mccarthy (5.45/10) who scores 59.08% for golden ratio approximation and 85.75% for teeth whiteness. 

In fourth position is Avengers actress Scarlett Johansson (5.45) with a golden ratio approximation of 62.43% and teeth whiteness 80.43%. In fifth position is Handmaid’s Tale actress Elisabeth Moss who has a golden ratio approximation of 47.51 and a teeth whiteness score of 87.88% with an overall rating of 5.00/10.

Actors With The Most Attractive Smile 

In first position is Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who is known as one of the most prolific actors of Hindi cinema. He has the overall best smile of all actresses and actors at 9.04/10. Kumar’s golden ratio approximation score is 61.71 with an impressive 93.94% for teeth whiteness. 

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck, who has just rekindled his romance with JLo, takes second position! He scores an overall 6.36/10 with a golden ratio approximation score of 53.91% and a teeth whiteness score of 86.10%

In third position is Will Smith, renowned for his roles in I am Legend and Hancock. This acting icon, known for his wide grin, scores an overall 6.36/10 with a golden ratio approximation of 55.96% and teeth whiteness score of 82.22%. Then we have Adam Sandler, a Romcom favourite, who scores 5.91/10. For golden ratio approximation, Sandler scores 59.44% and for teeth whiteness, a very healthy 81.52%

Finally, we have heartthrob Ryan Reynolds with an overall score of 5.45/10. Surprisingly, Reynolds only scored 51.22% for his golden ratio approximation. Although he makes up for this with his high score of 82.57% for teeth whiteness. 


  1. undertook this research to identify the most attractive celebrities among 10 actresses and actors. The highest paid actors and actresses were chosen for this research. This Information was obtained from Forbes.
  2. The study uses a computer vision algorithm to approximate the geometric golden ratio of each celebrity’s smile and provides a whiteness ranking for each celebrity’s teeth based on RGB estimates.
  3. Firstly, a seed list of celebrities was compiled based on the top paid actresses and actors, and sample images for each celebrity were collected.
  4. The inherent face variability from a multitude of confounding factors including varying expressions, illuminations and poses increase entropy within our model. The relative impact of such factors is controlled and mitigated through strict photo selection criteria ensuring a standardised sample of up to three images per celebrity.
  5. An accurate facial landmarking algorithm identified prominent facial features that served as anchor points from which to calculate facial geometric ratios. Subsequently, ratios of anthropometric facial landmarks were then used to approximate the geometric golden ratio of each image. Each celebrity’s golden ratio approximation was then determined as the average ratio across all samples for that celebrity.
  6. Teeth whiteness rankings were determined as one minus the average deviation from pure white (RGB: 255:255:255) of RGB values from each celebrity ’s teeth from our sample images. The image sampling method employed mitigates to a significant degree the impact of variation in illumination of images within our sample.
  7. A normalised rank was then calculated based on both the golden ratio approximation and the teeth whiteness rating.