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After security accusations about Kardashians, specialized company talks about confidentiality agreement for celebrities

The pop world started the week with new buzz about the Kardashians, who are already so talked about daily. This time, the center of attention was the words of the former security guard who decided to tell a little about the backstage of this family. But can professionals make revelations like these? FSOguard, a company specializing in celebrity security, explains whether there is a confidentiality agreement between professionals and their clients.

Imagine that your business is in full swing, profits are coming in, your image is being worked on in the media and, suddenly, a former employee reveals secrets about you or your business. This is correct? According to information published by In Touch, The Sun and Radar, Mark Behar told journalists that the matriarch, Kris Jenner, has ruined the lives of many athletes like her ex-son-in-law Lamar.

Mark also added that fame is what comes first in the Kardashians’ house. If she ends, so do the family stories. Of all the women, only Kourtney was spared. According to the professional, she is the only one who doesn’t do drama, has always been above the pop tentation and doesn’t maintain the sisters’ lifestyle.

FSOguard security service USA CEO’s Mark Pugachev explains that keeping a low profile is one of the recommendations made to employees. The security service seeks to protect customers from possible attacks or circumstances that put them in danger. It is not appropriate to make disclosures about the personal life of the contractors. “Like any other company, we have a confidentiality agreement. Many famous people don’t want their names publicized. So, we must operate secretly and discreetly. Our guards also receive training and ethical guidelines that they must follow with all customers without exception”, he says.

Pugachev adds that FSOguard has a lawyer to act in situations like these: “In addition to meticulous training, we ensure that we have a lawyer who can consult both parties and prevent unpleasant situations from happening. We have not had any security officers involved in a similar situation as we have taken every precaution,” he concludes.

FSOguard prioritizes the physical integrity and property of customers. Due to personalized service, the company is always willing to understand and work for the unique needs of those who seek it. It is worth mentioning that among the specialized services are: Personal security, armed, mobile patrol, event security, yacht security and more. Remembering that the team is always formed by prepared, efficient, strategic professionals and the work is done with excellent planning.