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A fingertip away from freedom: The latest psychology trend

Edinburgh’s Irena Barton helps outcome-driven professional women build confidence, achieve impossible goals and shine so that they can express with authenticity, charisma and enthusiasm – even if they feel burnt out and overwhelmed.

She is the founder of EFT for Success and chair of BADEP (a Bulgarian-registered not-for-profit organization), a master trainer in energy psychology.

By using a new scientifically-proven approach described as one of the most important breakthroughs in mind-body healing in the last hundred years, Bulgaria-born Irena can pinpoint and rewrite a negative behavioural pattern in the subconscious.

Her process is quick and effective, meaning there is noticeable change after just one session.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) combine elements of cognitive restructuring and exposure techniques with acupoint stimulation.

Tapping these bio-active points on the face and body while tuned into a particular negative feeling or physical discomfort reduces their intensity very quickly.

Irena helps time-starved professional women with plenty of responsibilities in the following areas:

re-building self-confidence after a personal crisis or career break
give talks, present effortlessly and interact authentically
how to shine on camera
achieve impossible goals that are way out of people’s comfort zones
increase productivity and promote a ‘can-do-anything’ attitude
finding inner balance between career and general life

Experience this for yourself by visiting Eft 4 Success to book a session via Zoom.