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A candid sit-down with film director Saloum N’Jie

1. Can you tell us how you started out in your career?
I started out at a film club called Massive Videos in Ladbroke Grove here in London. There were only a few of us but it was fun and encouraging and around the same time a Bill Murray film was shooting in the area and I managed to get a job as a runner on the film.

2. Who are the talent in film that you look up to – behind and in front of the camera?
There a few people I look up to but if I had to choose it would be directors like Irvin Kershner, Spike LEE, and John McTiernan.

3. How did your work on BRIDGERTON come about – what did it entail?
I work a lot with a great 1st AD (Assistant Director) called David Stafford, we worked on shows together like LUTHER and Avenue 5. He called me up to come on board, this time as a crowd AD on Bridgerton. When you do this work, you look after the crowds or SAs (Supporting Artists) as they are called. You dress them into the scene and it brings that scene to life, we would have crowds from 50 to over 250 people on set so it was often very busy but always fun.

4. How long did the filming process take, was it done under Covid-19 restrictions?
A few months.  We were lucky we actually finished shooting the show before the lockdown hit.

5. How do you feel about the multi-racial casting ?
It’s fantastic to see and be a part of a show that was not afraid to celebrate Black nobility. When I was growing up we would watch Roots and be told that this is our sole history, it’s a heartbreaking legacy. Saying that, I am more than proud of my African heritage (there were a lot of us on set – such a joy!), which itself has a rich history.  

Well then….Bridgerton comes along and breaks with the norm.  People of colour are educated, gorgeous, wear fine threads and are a vibrant part of the Establishment.  Just look at the phenomenal reaction Regé has got.

People love it, it inspires hope, we need that right now.

6. What do you think about the success of the show?
It’s fun, daring and all inclusive of a multi racial society that’s what is so appealing about it.

7. Is there going to be a second season of the show? 


8. What are you up to next?
Right now…. I’m being creative and loving it!