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With the Euros on TV in the evenings, the more sophisticated football fans are mixing their own G&T before settling down to watch the match.

If you want to take your gin & tonic to the next level, Jim and Tonic can help..

Here, the Chief Mixologist Sebastian (aka “Mixo Seb”) from Jim And Tonic shares his seven-step process for creating the perfect G&T:

Use a glass with a stem
Pre-chill your glass to ensure the optimum temperature
Add in the gin once your glass is nice and chilled
Now ice it all the way to the top
Add your tonic
Give it a gentle stir to blend in all of the flavours. Don’t over stir as it risks turning your tonic flat!
Add your garnish. The logic behind the garnish is to compliment the botanicals already in the gin.
A stemmed glass will ensure you don’t heat up the drink by holding it incorrectly. A large balloon shape will also eventuate all of the aromas. Jim And Tonic recommended that you use a Copa Balloon glass.


Jim and Tonic are shaking up the craft spirit scene offering a new breed of gin and mixology expertise. Their missions is to produce the highest-quality spirits that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly, with methods in place to reduce waste, reuse resources and regenerate their London surroundings.

Based in the Big Smoke, Jim and Tonic are committed to using only the best ingredients to ensure better, tastier gin for their customers.