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5 Essential Camping Tips For Your Next UK Festival

Summer is finally here and festival season is in full swing. With Wireless Festival, Y Not Festival, Creamfields, Latitude and many more UK festivals fast approaching, this essential festival camping guide from the experts at Pitchup will set you up for your jam-packed weekend.

Whether you’re an amateur festival-goer or a seasoned professional, there are certain things everyone needs to prepare before a festival.

Dan Yates, founder and MD of Pitchup has put together his top 5 tips for a safe and fun festival camping weekend that every festival-goer must know before the tent is even pitched:

Invest in the right tent
“Yes, we’re starting off with the obvious here,” says Dan, “But you’re going to need a tent. A classic pole tent will do the trick, but if you’re not confident enough in constructing one – or just want to save some time – a pop-up option is a better choice. Whatever option you choose, make sure it has a double skin for warmth and it’s waterproof in case the weather turns sour. Also, don’t forget to bring a padlock to lock up the tent and keep the more valuable items safe.

“A four-man tent won’t comfortably fit four people. The berth – the designated sleeping area – doesn’t take baggage into account. It’s important to keep in mind that you might want space for accessories like airbeds too, so size up accordingly. One tip is to pick a tent rated at least two people or berths higher than the number of campers it needs to sleep.”

Pack smartly
“One thing you’ll come to regret is overpacking: you need all the space you can get for the essentials. You should bear in mind having to carry everything to the festival’s campsite, and having too much won’t be convenient.

“A great way to save space is by rolling up clothes. Rolling instead of folding them helps to pack them up tightly, giving you more room in the bags. The same goes for your sleeping bag and tent.

Another thing you’ll definitely need is some dry shampoo and baby wipes if you don’t have access to any showering facilities at the festival. Otherwise, bring some travel size shampoo and conditioner bottles to save space and weight for other essentials, like food and drink.

Choose the ticket tier that’s right for you
“As a first-time camper, you might want fancy facilities as well as access to a proper loo and a shower block – if so, paying that little bit extra for a glamping ticket might be worth your while.

“If you think you can manage without, then save your money and go for standard camping. Or, if you’d prefer a quieter night’s sleep, some campsites will offer quiet camping.”

Have appropriate illumination
“Forgetting to bring some light sources could make things very dangerous once it gets dark, especially if you’re far away from any stages or lit pathways. For example, you might trip over something in the tent, not to mention if you need to visit the toilet blocks in the middle of the night.

“Some lights that would be appropriate are battery- or solar-powered lights for inside the tent, alongside a torch for toilet block trips in the middle of the night. Always keep a backup light source too in case you run out of batteries. Don’t use phone torches and instead bring an old-fashioned torch. They’re usually brighter and less valuable so it doesn’t matter so much if they get lost, stolen or dropped in the portaloos.”

Pack the right food
“Chances are, the food stalls at festivals will either be extremely busy or expensive. This is where you’ll really need to be prepared. We’d recommend packing non-perishable snacks to avoid the hassle of spending and queuing for a food stall when hungry and stocking up on supplies like canned foods (tinned tomatoes, beans, chickpeas, etc.) and dried goods (pasta, quick-cook rice and noodles) for more substantial meals.”