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3 Expert Approved Tips To Maximise The Light In Your Home When Selling

There are many factors to consider when selling your home, and lighting should be one of them. And as virtual home tours become more common, good lighting has never been more important!

The experts at Smart Lighting Industries have put together a guide on why lighting is so important when selling your house and how to create the best lighting possible to showcase your home.

3 Ways To Use Light To Add Value To Your Home:

🖼 Make the most of natural lighting

If you are lucky enough to have an abundance of natural lighting throughout your home, then you should make the most of it and arrange for any viewings, virtual tours or photography to take place at peak times.

💡 Adding artificial lighting

The addition of smart lighting in a home will also increase the appeal to buyers, if you can walk them through your home (even virtually) and show off how easy to control the lighting is this will really add to the wow factor of your home, especially if they haven’t got smart lighting in their current home.

🌤 Achieving a natural light look in a dark room

Use as many linear lights as possible. Light position is an essential factor, and a combination of angles and directions will help achieve the best natural light effect, especially in rooms which might not get natural sunlight throughout the day.

Smart Lighting spoke to Mike Fitzgerald, Executive Chairman at Coulters Property, to find out how lighting can impact the value of your home:

“With one of the main attributes that buyers look for in a property being light, along with sizes of rooms and general condition, lighting is extremely important to consider when selling your property. “White” light bulbs, as opposed to “warm” light bulbs are always recommended, as are open shades. Opening all blinds and curtains while turning on all lights is always a good idea for both your photoshoot and each viewing. Also, there is always the trick of arranging your viewings at the optimum time of the day for maximum natural sunlight, if at all possible.”

“Virtual tours are becoming more and more popular with buyers and for some buyers are the first port of call to work out compatibility, before arranging an in-person viewing. The same rules should therefore apply to virtual tours, in that they should be arranged to be carried out at the best time of the day for natural sunlight. If you have a south facing garden, why not take the virtual tour through the property and out into the garden too.”

“The difference that good lighting can make to your sale will almost always far exceed the cost of investing in improving the amount and type of light within your property.”