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Daily Archives: July 23, 2023

Bitcoin’s finite supply will run out in 2140

One of Bitcoin’s most attractive qualities is its finite supply, as the scarcity of the cryptocurrency makes for a great investment. The maximum amount of the cryptocurrency will only ever reach 21 million before becoming obsolete. In this line, set out to uncover just

Brina Knauss drops 3 track EP ‘We Know’

Brina Knauss drops 3 track EP ‘We Know’ The Slovenian Producer, DJ, Label Head, Radio Host continues on her unstoppable run this Summer. Released via Knauss’ artist led record label EMPATH DJ Mag Italia Best Newcomer and Breakthrough Artist Brina Knauss recently announced the artist

Plastic Surgery Myths Busted By Medical Experts

Brand new research conducted by Qunomedical reveals some of the most misunderstood medical terms patients continue to question. A team of doctors associated with Qunomedical have compiled a list of frequently misunderstood or unknown medical terms as reported by their patients. From veneers and rhinoplasty

Number of homes returning to the market falls by 60%

Number of homes returning to the market falls by 60% The latest research from digital property pack provider, Moverly, has revealed that cooling market conditions and the higher cost of borrowing have resulted in one property market silver lining, as the number of homes returning

Who is driving the New Economy Cultural and Social shifts?

Driving Sustainability and Ethical rise of emerging companies such as Pippica, zblocks, Oritain,The Natural Fibre Company, who are spearheading the transition towards ethical practices in the new economy. These companies recognise the importance of integrating ethical protocols into everyday business and are shaping the future