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Daily Archives: May 8, 2023

USD exposed to the downside against major peers

The US dollar remained on a downtrend overall, despite stabilizing to a certain extent over the last few weeks, as traders take central banks’ monetary policy changes into account. While attention was focused on the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank last week, the

North Sea’s future hangs in the balance as government offers no relief on windfall taxes, says Offshore Energies UK

Britain’s future energy security still hangs in the balance despite the latest announcements from the government on “powering Britain from Britain”, Offshore Energies UK’s Chief Executive said. David Whitehouse welcomed the government ambition on promoting home insulation, offshore wind, mass hydrogen production, and carbon capture

Banking concerns retreat but remain present

The banking sector remains the center of attention for international investors after fears spiked earlier that bank failures could ignite a large-scale financial crisis. However, the rapid intervention from regulators in the US and Europe has helped limit damage and helped calm investors and clients.