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41% of us don’t have a will

Research by Stipendium, the platform that simplifies life’s complex events, has revealed that 41% of us haven’t prepared a will to detail who will inherit our estate in the event we pass away, with over a third also not realising that marriage will invalidate any

Ten Things To Prep Before Your Summer Garden Party

People across the UK and Ireland are being offered ten top tips to best prepare for their summer garden party. Gardening geniuses from have devised the ten most essential steps to organising a successful summer garden party. It’s timely advice, with summer officially starting

Reaction on today’s UK HPI

Michael Bruce, CEO and Founder of Boomin, says: “It’s important to remember that while sold prices provide the most concrete health check of the UK property market, they are reported on a lag. So while the market remains apparently unphased by a spate of base