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TV Presenter Ray Jorden rumoured to appear on I’m A Celeb

TV Personality Ray Jorden is rumoured to have been lined up for a few big shows this coming year (current situation depending) Ray has been slowly carving a TV career over the last decade and he is best known for his TV show Haunting: Australia, which became a worldwide hit showing in over 150 countries to date.

With global shows such as Channel 4’s The Circle rumoured to be launching a Celebrity version and ITV’s  I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in talks with his Management team, Ray is set to explode back on to our screen in the very near future.

Another rumour circulating this Week is that Ray has been approached by a major TV Channel for a show exploring fake mediumship and Psychics and exposing these people on camera with another well known TV figure.

Having worked in the paranormal field for nearly two decades on and off camera, he has certainly worked with his fair share of fake mediums and psychics who are duping people to believe they are really talking to the dead. The show is set to be transparent with a no holds barred attitude when it comes to exposing fake people, asking the questions that need to be asked.

During Lockdown Ray has launched his Instagram Live show called Celebrity Hangout, featuring a number of Celebrities and Famous Personalities each Week.

Manchester TV reached out to Ray’s Management Lucky 7 PR and they stated that they are in talks with a number of TV Shows and that Ray is in demand, but it all depends on the nations Coronavirus pandemic which has halted all TV Production.

You can follow Ray on his official Instagram page: @RealRayJorden