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Influencer Zach Bromfield overcomes his mental health battle!

From zero to hero, upcoming Micro Influencer Zach Bromfield has gone from strength to strength in 2020.

Originally from South East London, Zach has been a holiday rep most of his Adult life, but life wasn’t always as happy as he had make out.

Unlike other Influencers Zach isn’t shy about his Mental Health struggles and admits 2019 was the worst year of his life.

The comeback has always got to be bigger than the setback though and in this case the proof is definitely in the pudding.

Zach decided enough was enough and after getting help decided something had to be done, he deleted all social media apps, stopped drinking and started going to gym.

After a month of finding his feet he decided to intensify his training and started to follow a strict diet as well as working out six time’s a week and says “Going to the Gym saved my life”.

Fast forward a couple of months and the physical and mental appearance is obvious. What he wasn’t expecting was to be spotted by his now management Lucky 7 PR & Management on Instagram.

He’s not got the biggest of followings in the Influencing Industry however his believe of quality over quantity is certainly not wrong! Zach is currently collaborating with  BooHooMan and The Couture Club and also he is working with some leading Independent Fashion Brands.
He was also spotted last Weekend at the Intu Trafford Centre in Manchester doing various Promotional Campaigns.

His unique capturing content and openness about mental health has certainly caught people’s attentions and there are talks of him appearing on TV Shows such as Love Island and The Circle. One things for sure and that is everything happens for a reason that is Zach’s motto.

We contacted Zach’s Management, @Lucky7Talent on Instagram and they said “Zach has only been with us since the COVID19 Pandemic and is already one of the UK’s leading Micro Influencers and is in huge demand with Fashion Brands and TV Shows.

Zach is a massive advocate for Men’s Men Health and we have some exciting projects coming up for Zach later this Year.

You can follow Zach on Instagram and Twitter @ZachBromfield