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Celebrity Web Developer Louis Wright talks Exclusively to Manchester TV

Meet Web Developer and Marketeer Louis Wright who has followed his passion for marketing in emerging NGO’s and small businesses to creating his own web design and marketing agency.

Having studied at an exclusive boarding school in Oxford, United Kingdom and Deradun, India after having attained a scholarship. He has now embarked on the next step in his career and is attending advanced web development and programming at Falmouth University, Cornwall. At the renowned and award wining Games Academy where BAFTA-winning game developer Rex Crowle also attended.
He operates a Digital and Web Development Agency specifically geared towards emerging NGO’s and small businesses. He became a part of Conservation Without Borders in 2018 working directly for the UN Ambassador and has assisted in over 6 campaigns, including being an integral part of the organisation in the charities complete overhaul of their digital appearance upon him joining the team.

Wright openly offers submissions from charities and organisations for pro bono creative campaigns and development advice and has worked closely with a number of small business during the COVID-19 pandemic to advise and help put infrastructure in place so that many of these restaurants and businesses can continue operating during these difficult times.

What sets Louis Wright apart is his process, he employs 4 key steps as the backbone to all of his projects; discover, design, develop & deliver. Take the time to understand the needs behind what you’re doing, put together a proposed solution to the problem you are working to solve, look at building on and improving what you’ve done so far. It’s an iterative process. He regularly works on projects with Celebrity’s and top Social Media Influencers, some of whom we can name include; TV Personalities Sam Chaloner and Biggs Chris amongst others.

Louis grew up in the Chilterns and design has been his passion for many years. He created his first website at 16 and has since developed over 100 other projects. With a passion for climate change awareness, “We only have one earth and we need to look after it. Everything is connected, nature’s technology has been perfected over millions of years and no human technology can ever fully replace it to sustain life on Earth.” His most well know quote “Instagram is the modern wild west” is one in a series where he detailed his personal opinions on the lack of accountability in the digital field, addressing the lack of ownership on comments online, leading to harassment and digital bullying or “trolls”.

We contacted Louis’ PR Management Team, Lucky 7 PR & Talent Management whom commented “Mr Wright has worked with a number of leading organisations and emerging NGO’s as well as working completely pro-bono over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic with a number of small businesses to alleviate the costs associated with bespoke ordering or takeaway systems”.
Wright’s journey can be followed on instagram at @iamlwright and @louiswrightdesign where he showcases his latest works and opinions on the “digital bubble”.