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Emergency funding announced to support most vulnerable in society during pandemic

An unprecedented £76 million package of support to ensure the most vulnerable in society get the support they need during the pandemic has been announced by Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick yesterday  (Saturday 2 May).

This funding will support survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence and modern slavery as well as ensuring vulnerable children and young people continue to get the help they need.

A change to the rules will also mean that those fleeing domestic abuse and facing homelessness as a result will be automatically considered as priority by their council for  housing – ensuring more survivors of domestic abuse have access to a safe home.

These crimes should never happen, but the government understands that the instruction to stay at home will be a huge cause of anxiety to some people. We recognise that front line charities have struggled to continue some of their work during the pandemic and at the same time, there may be increased risks for people trapped in abusive or exploitative situations

It is right that these vulnerable people get access to the help they need, which will include additional support for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence, and more safe spaces and accommodation for survivors of domestic abuse and their children. Anyone at risk should contact the police.

This funding will also help front line charities to be able to offer different ways of supporting those in need, including through virtual or telephone-based services, as well as providing direct support to families of disabled children through the provision of goods including household appliances and sensory toys.

Today’s funding is part of comprehensive measures to support vulnerable people through the pandemic and the Government is working closely with councils, charities and other partners to ensure they get the support they need.