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Award winning entrepreneur Dogan Kaya discusses his General Election predictions

Award winning entrepreneur Dogan Kaya has spent the last few months somewhat re-introducing himself on the business scene as a political commentator.

The British businessman who heads up Romet Group recently scooped the Entrepreneur Of The Year award at 2019’s EssexTV Awards sat down with us to discuss his General Election predictions.

Kaya told us “As I have been saying for months now the farce surrounding this general election and Brexit uncertainty has greatly affected the hospitality and restaurant industries. This Friday things will go one of two ways.”

HE added “I don’t think the actual election result will have a short term effect on the current state of business confidence, if the Conservatives win with a huge majority Boris will likely push to get Brexit through parliament by early January to meet our new leaving date which could be good for business.”

Kaya also added: “The polls have got Jeremy Corbyn looking like he is making a strong comeback and these together with the smaller parties could get him over the finish line, as quite a lot of Brits regret voting Brexit this alliance could somehow push for a Second Referendum or even try and over turn Brexit but meanwhile all of this would affect public spending and business confidence which will be bad for us either way.”