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£1 MegaBus ads banned by UK advertising regulator

The UK’s advertising regulator the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned MegaBus from advertising £1 fares across it’s bus/ coach operations..

MegaBus was found to be advertising tickets for routes such as Manchester to London but admitted that they were only allocating just one seat on the entire service for £1.

The public which complained to the ASA claimed that they felt MegaBus was misleading them with the £1 fares.

MegaBus is well known in the UK for providing £1 bus and coach tickets for budget savvy travellers with just a 50p booking fee.

The ASA felt that MegaBus were over promoting the £1 tickets, in September 2017 the firm pushed an advertisement on Facebook that with all intent and purpose advertised to the customer that several £1 tickets were available to purchase on the Aberystwyth to Birmingham route but the firm admitted that just 1 single coach ticket was buyable at £1.

The ASA said in its ruling that MegaBus could not make the same advertisement again in the future unless a significant number of coach fares were genuinely available to the customer.