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Manchester police’s Christmas community lunch hailed a success

Last week, Thursday 13 December 2018, Greater Manchester Police held the annual community Christmas lunch at Force Headquarters.

Officers from across the Force nominated people from their local area to celebrate together with a festive afternoon of food, conversation and laughter hosted by Chief Constable Ian Hopkins.

The invitees were served their three course meal by GMP’s most senior officers. They were also entertained by carol singers and a visit from Santa.

One of the special guests included Marjorie Kew. Marjorie’s husband, David Kew, who sadly passed away 15 years ago, gave 27 years of service to GMP. He began as a Special Constable in 1962 before being promoted to Sergeant and then to Inspector at Ashton Police station before his retirement in 1988.

Following his retirement, Marjorie and David both became foster carers. Throughout the years they looked after and cared for over twenty children, from babies to teenagers, many of whom Marjorie is still in contact with.