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Salford project steers young people onto right road

MA pioneering Salford project is steering young people away from organised crime and helping them build more positive futures.
STEER, which is run by Salford Foundation, has worked with 15 young men, aged 12 to 17 in its first year and another 13 are currently being helped.

Among its successes are one young man who had been arrested for stealing a car and anti-social behaviour and whose school attendance had dropped to 28%.

Since working with the project he has gained a place on a pre-apprenticeship course achieving 90% attendance and winning praise from his tutors. He now plans to pursue a trade apprentice and says the project has hugely improved his life and prospects.

The project is funded by Salford Community Safety Partnership’s Gulf project and Greater Manchester’s Programme Challenger which works across Greater Manchester and has recently launched a new strategy. Both seek to steer young people away from organised crime while tackling crime through intelligence, prosecution and disrupting their activities.