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An entrepreneurial mum of 3 from Preston is on a mission to have ‘done her bit’ during Covid-19 and in just over 3 weeks she has organised a free 12-hour charity event that has attracted over 20 global entrepreneurs and celebs supporting small business owners & entrepreneurs whose livelihoods are being threatened.

Dani Wallace, 36, an ambitious entrepreneur who has risen from the council estates of Preston, where she experienced the depths of domestic violence and homelessness is now a highly sought after international speaker and speaker coach, as well as a professional singer. She has taken control of her life after investing £200 on flights last year to hang out with global business coach, Lisa Johnson in Malta – an experience that changed her life.  Since then she has mastered the art of running an online business which is set to make 6 figures this year, launching new sold out programmes and making money she could only have dreamed of.

Dani now runs a community that supports other women to ‘Show up, wise up and rise up’ and is keen to support those who are feeling despair during the Covid-19 crisis, as she knows how it feels to have the odds stacked against you. She is currently organising ‘The Big Festoon’ – a 12 hour charity event packed full of free advice for business owners, featuring some of her entrepreneurial idols, which will also fundraise for domestic violence charities Women’s Aid & galop. She has called it The Big Festoon as she is encouraging the business community to link arms, like bees do, when building their comb, to support those in need.

Not your average business event, The Big Festoon has drawn colourful characters who really pack a punch with their messages, as Dani sets out to shake up the tone of business advice that is swamping the internet.

She said: “The business climate currently is like nothing we’ve ever seen before – so our response to its challenges also needs to be unique. As someone very active in the online business space I have seen online summit after summit talking about how to pivot, how to double down, how to hustle during lockdown – it’s all the same advice and I was becoming a bit numb to it – and thought if I feel like this surely others do too. So I decided to mix it up a bit. As someone used to filling line-ups on stage, and with my background as an entertainer I pledged to use these skills to create something fresh for my community  -and it grew from there! We now have a  huge charity event on our hands where we are hoping to raise significant funds for domestic violence charities and lift the nation’s entrepreneurs at the same time!”

  • Brad Burton, the UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker who clawed himself out of £25K of debt to build the UK’s fastest-growing business networking organisation, will chat to Dani about how he told her she couldn’t be ‘a fat motivational speaker’ yet recently shared a stage with her and has written a foreword in her book. They will chat about the importance of resilience, drive and self-belief.
  • Dan Meredith, serial entrepreneur and author of ‘How to be F*cking Awesome’  who at his lowest point found himself scavenging Pret’s gone off sandwiches from a skip,  will share his straight talking views and no bulls*it approach on what it takes to lead your industry and will also share tips on ‘getting out of a funk’ to enable you to make progress in your business
  • Lisa Johnson, self-made millionaire business coach known as ‘The Passive Income Queen’ who has re-written her story of being bullied for her poverty and intelligence, will be talking about how she has just celebrated a £300K launch month and helped change hundreds of lives during lockdown through teaching how to create online revenue streams.
  • Emma Sayle, one of the UK’s leading ‘sex-entrepreneurs’ who launched the elite global adult-party brand Killing Kittens in 2005 with no investment and has doubled its turnover year on year, now with a presence across the US, Australia and Europe will talk about female liberation, business expansion and not being afraid of controversy.

Tips that will be shared with entrepreneurs throughout the day include:

TOP TIPS from Lisa Johnson – It’s Not all Doom and Gloom

  1. Let’s turn this around – Even if you’ve had your revenue completely cut and your business is earning nothing right now – it’s time to turn your mindset from doom and gloom to embracing this culture as an amazing time to look at how you and your business could make passive income
  2. Pause – This global pause, gives you time to commit to ensure your business is sustainable – for many of us we’ve been considering options to change up our businesses or to explore other income streams for years but got stuck in the day to day to do lists and just kept batting on – this pause is your chance to take a traditional business model and switch it up to be an online business which will be more sustainable and better for your business as a whole.
  3. Build a bigger audience – Everyone is now online – the data around the surge of people being online is incredible and this surge means that there is a new, super engaged audience who is consuming more online content than ever before – all within reach to help you grow your business
  4. Be the Expert – Lead the Way – As we know the business landscape is changing and there are huge numbers of people who either can’t or, are choosing not to return to the status quo. This means more and more people will be entering the entrepreneurial landscape via the online world – so, those of us already in business online need to be seen to be leading the way. We need to elevate and be recgonised as experts and this will be seen by the new entrepreneurs coming through. What can you do today to lead the way and show your experience and credibility?
  5. Rewrite your story – You can rewrite your story, and you need to believe that its possible. My background was bullying and DV and coming from a place of feeling worthless I am now a self made millionaire. Consider where you are right now whether you are an entrepreneur who feels that your business has failed or someone who has escaped bullying, abuse or violence and know you CAN rewrite your story. Remember your story does not define your worth.

TOP TIPS from Brad Burton – Over 100 things that will help you win Post Covid-19 Including:

  2. When shit hits the fan always ask, what does this make possible?
  3. Before you post on Facebook about changing the world, ask yourself this question. What do you need to do to change yourself
  4. Facebook likes, and shares don’t pay the mortgage. *shocked face*
  5. Roll the dice. Double six’s can happen


The Big Festoon will run from 8am to 8pm (UK Time) to capture as many time zones as possible so Dani can serve her global audience. Viewers will be asked to donate after each segment of the show. To find out more please visit –