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Manchester’s Jsky Opens Up On Being Black, Gay and Naked in New Podcast

Following Mental Health Awareness Week Jsky talks candidly with L’Oréal Blackett on turning the tide of negative opinions, creating an alter ego and being true to yourself on the first episode of her new podcast “The Edit”.
“When I first started dressing a little bit wilder, before I got as wild as I am now people were saying disparaging comments. I noticed that people would treat you differently depending on what you’re wearing. I was just fascinated by the fact that I could go to work in a suit in Spinningfields and be treated a certain way, but then if I’m wearing a ball gown or something people would often be quite rude. I just thought, I’m the same person. Nothing has changed other than how they see me.” Jsky, The Edit
Last year L’Oréal joined Jsky on a panel for his In Conversation event at FoodWell, Salford alongside Hollyoaks actress Jasmine Franks and Big Brother star Chanelle McCleary talking mental wellbeing and weathering the world of self promotion and social media.
Episode 1 of The Edit continues this conversation with Jsky and L’Oréal as they delve deeper into topics of race, body image and self promotion with Mancunian wit and wisdom.
“I do try and carry myself in a certain way because I know there are fewer opportunities for people like myself. I know that we are viewed differently, but at the same time I’m not going to let that stop me from where I want to be and I’m not scared of being the first in any situation.”
“Change happens when a marginalised group doesn’t have to defend itself, and people outside of a marginalised group call out attitudes and behaviours…and I’m so appreciative of that right now because it really is about time.”
Talking about overcoming negative comments and self love, Jsky also had this to say…
“It’s the comments that other people make about you that essentially make you doubt yourself. I think there’s a stigma that says if you’re happy about how you look then maybe you’re arrogant, but really that’s limiting self thought. I just thought, I should be the one that tells the world I’m beautiful and then the world should tell me back. Not this whole idea that someone else puts the value in how you appreciate yourself first.
Talking about hosting Channel 4 Naked Beach Jsky had this to say…
“It sort of flipped a bit of the narrative on male body image because for so long if you’re a bit thin you’re not viewed as masculine. If you don’t have big muscles you’re viewed as not enough and I think there’s nothing wrong with accepting your shape if you’re thin, if you’re big, if you’re anything. People are attracted to different types of people and as long as your happy that’s all that matters.”
Episode 1 and 2 of The Edit by L’Oréal Blackett is available now on Spotify and Apple Music
Episode 1 features Manchester Fashionista Jsky and Episode 2 features Bolton artist Dom & Ink